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Climate, environment, management of natural resources

Nguyen Minh Nhut (Expert of Plant Protection Department, Province Soc Trang) beim Einsatz einer Drohne zur Datensammlung in den Kuestengebieten. Au Tho B / Vietnam, 07.11.2019

The conservation of natural resources is a fundamental requirement for sustainable development and improving the quality of life for people. To reverse the trend towards resource degradation, we need to give greater priority to ecological principles.

The German development cooperation supports its partners in identifying the various causes of environmental risks. It helps modernise environmental policy at all levels, advises on regional environmental cooperation and develops strategies to help anchor environmental protection in other policy areas.

Global concerns, such as climate protection, the conservation of biodiversity, protection of forests and combating desertification, are being tackled by all states. The German development cooperation supports the processes for the continued development of international environmental regimes and advises its partners on the implementation.

In anchor and emerging nations, the German development cooperation disseminates concepts on resource efficiency and recycling. In developing countries, it supports the decentralisation of the management of natural resources to ensure greater efficiency and a stronger focus on local requirements.

With our experience in a wide range of countries, our technical competence, experience in moderation and methodologies, know-how on organisational development, environmental communication and conflict management, we are a partner you can count on.


  • The KfW’s digital administration platform Sicar protects the rainforest in Brazil: In doing so, the KfW Development Bank helps smallholders register in the environmental register as well as with developing plans to restore degraded areas.

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