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At a glance

Many future as well as present challenges are virtually impossible to tackle using classic methods. Digitalisation has the potential to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our measures. Digitalisation has therefore been made a quality feature as well as a focus topic in the BMZ 2030 reform process. The Digitalforum strives to breathe life into the quality feature of digitalisation and test out new methods of cooperation.

The Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) Digitalforum is an interdepartmental platform for the joint development and implementation of digital projects and serves to exchange experience as well as to transfer and build knowledge. We want to transparently discuss the opportunities afforded by digitalisation, jointly address challenges and shift our view towards future opportunities. For example, the aim is to

  • systematically discuss digitalisation opportunities and challenges in the development cooperation across the departments
  • establish “digital by default” as a quality feature for all German development cooperation activities
  • expand the portfolio and continue to develop strategic potential in the area of digitalisation as a focus topic
  • create informed decision-makers and derive recommendations for actions
  • identify scaling potentials and ideas for digital solutions

The Digitalforum will allow us to combine strategic and methodological approaches for developing solutions. Solutions will be designed based on prior knowledge, portfolio analyses, expert inputs, hypotheses and questions and complemented by the consistent focus on user requirements. The ideas and solutions advanced by the Digitalforum will form the basis for the structure and institutional collaboration of the BMZ digilab.

Design thinking as a workshop method

Design thinking bundles different creative and productive work methods to better understand user requirements and use this understanding to design new ideas for solutions. We then use an iterative process to rapidly develop these ideas for solutions into prototypes that can be tested.

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