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BMZ Digitalforum

Our forum for the implementation of Digital by Default

Many challenges of the future, but also of the present, can hardly be mastered with classic methods. Digitization offers the potential to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our measures. That is why digitization was made a quality feature and an initiative topic in the BMZ2030 reform process. In the Digital Forum, we want to breathe life into the quality feature of digitization and test new ways of working together.

The BMZ Digital Forum is a cross-departmental platform and serves primarily to exchange experience, transfer and build up know-how, and jointly identify digital project potential . We want to discuss the opportunities of digitization transparently, address challenges together, and open our eyes to future possibilities. This involves, for example

  • Systematic cross-departmental discussion of digitization opportunities and challenges in DC.
  • Establishing the standardized use of digital tools (“digitization as standard” – digital by default) as a quality feature in all measures of German development cooperation
  • Portfolio evaluation and further development of strategic potentials in the area of digitalization as an initiative topic
  • Creation of informed opinion and derivation of recommendations for action
  • Identification of scaling potentials and digital solution ideas

In the Digitalforum, predominantly BMZ thought leaders work together across departments for a consistent application of digital approaches in DC. They discuss key digital topics, conduct portfolio analyses, design solutions based on targeted hypotheses and questions, and consistently focus on concrete user needs.

This is done using agile methods, such as the working techniques of design thinking, which put user needs in the foreground and enforce short iterations between solution idea, prototype testing and solution correction. The digital promoters carry their technical and methodological knowledge into the BMZ departments and thus support the development of a mindset for digital approaches. The Digital Forum works closely with the BMZ digilab to actively promote innovation together.

Design thinking as a workshop method

Design thinking bundles different creative and productive work methods to better understand user requirements and use this understanding to design new ideas for solutions. We then use an iterative process to rapidly develop these ideas for solutions into prototypes that can be tested.