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BMZ digilab

The turbo for new ideas

Digital technologies help to achieve global development goals more efficiently and effectively. The digilab of German development cooperation offers a space and framework for developing new ideas and solutions, together with a strong network of politicians, tech companies, start-ups, civil society and academia. With modern tools and methods, we shape sustainable development cooperation.

With an agile way of working, we test solutions – even if they are not yet fully developed and are still in the prototype stage. This way, potential for improvement can be identified very quickly and the learning effect is great.

With the interdisciplinary digilab, we are strengthening the innovative power of the BMZ and driving forward the effective, fair and responsible use of digital innovations in German development cooperation.





We identify already proven innovations, together with start-ups, the global tech industry, civil society and academia.





We make innovative solutions broadly effective to reach millions of people worldwide with real leaps in development.




Changing work culture

We are introducing new agile working methods at BMZ and living cross-departmental cooperation.



We are looking for the best ideas for resilient cities in the fight against climate change!

Learn more about the challenge and how you can participate:



If you also have ideas on how we can improve our development cooperation with digital solutions or are simply curious about digilab, then simply write us an email.

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