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Webinar: ICT4Inclusion – Bridging the Digital Disability Divide

ICT4Inclusion – Bridging the Digital Disability Divide
Speakers: Dr. Heike Kuhn (Head of department 401 Human Rights, Gender and Inclusion, BMZ), Clara Aranda Jan (Assistive Tech, GSMA), Ravin Rizgar (Field Ready – Implementing partner of GIZ Project ICT perspectives for a modern youth in Iraq)


Friday, 31. July 2020, 09:30 – 10:15 CES


More than one billion people live with disabilities worldwide, around 80% of them in developing and emerging countries. People with disabilities face a number of barriers in their everyday lives that restricts access to essential services and reduces their capacity to live productive independent lives.

Digital technologies can promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of life and help overcome many of these barriers. For example, smartphones, computers and laptops can cluster multiple assistive technologies in one place, including digital apps that can recognize and describe objects, draw attention to obstacles and enable verbal communication through voice output. Built in functionality such as screen readers, integrated voice output functions and speech recognition all contribute to enabling people with disabilities to access education, healthcare and the labour market and participate in social and civil life.

However, a significant amount of people with disabilities globally are excluded from access to digital technologies and the Internet. Of more than 1.000 digital GIZ projects, only few are accessible for people with disabilities, leaving them further behind in the wake of digital transformations.

We have invited Clara Aranda Jan (Insights Manager, GSMA) and Ravin Rizgar (Erbil Makerspace Program Lead, Field Ready) to talk about the digital challenge people with disabilities are facing in our partner countries and how mobile innovations and Universal Design can help to solve these.

We are thankful to Dr. Heike Kuhn, Head of department 401 Human Rights, Gender and Inclusion, who has confirmed to give a welcoming speech on this novel issue from the perspective of BMZ.

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