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Tech mega-trends

At a glance

The use of trend technologies open up entirely new opportunities for science, business and society – and of course also for the development partnerships. Using artificial intelligence, it is possible for example to automate decision processes and make them much more efficient. Drones can improve the time-critical transport of goods to remote regions, while the blockchain ensures transparency and security through its decentralised approach to information storage.

These technologies are potentially disruptive, meaning that they have the capacity to supersede and sometimes even entirely replace traditional business models, products, technologies or services with new innovative developments. Such innovative leaps may help secure future-proofed jobs, knowledge and value creation. We consider it all the more important to identify and support this potential, in particular by encouraging innovation and pioneering spirit in the partner countries. This is why these technologies have been tested in numerous pilot projects and their context-specific use analysed in cooperation with local partners.