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Runner-up teams of #SmartDevelopmentHack

The Runner-Ups of the #SmartDevelopmentHack

On June 17th, there will be an additional opportunity to get to know the 11 runner-up teams and their innovative proposals. We are inviting our partner network and leading development stakeholders to connect with us during a virtual pitch event.

These are the projects participating in the event:


Project 1
Smart Care Corona Response in Eastern European countries and African countries  
Region: Albania, Kosovo, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria

The Smart Care Corona Response (SCCR) is an open, interoperable COVID-19 probability assessment, monitoring and analytics platform. It tracks and thereby contains the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, it includes a Self-Sovereign Health passport.


Project 2
Partnership to develop the AI solution in Albania and Balkans

Region: Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia (formerly Macedonia), Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Care4covid.ai is an artificial intelligence tool that enables rapid first analysis of X-rays based on AI to provide decision support. Running an X-ray image through care4covid.ai supports fast and economic identification of suspected COVID-19 cases and helps with a fast diagnosis.


Project 5
Providing vocational training through remote learning

Region: Bangladesh, Myanmar

The solution will offer a cloud-based platform with digital tools that enables teachers to produce TVET e-learning, and students to get access to digital training courses. It will both be able to offer an immediate response, but also build a solution that lasts for many years after the pandemic, hereby strengthening the nexus between humanitarian response and sustainable development. It also comes in an offline version to be used in areas without Internet coverage.


Project 6
Insight Driven Response&Recovery

Region: Africa (regional)

This solution is focused on the problem of highly fragmented and decentralized data and systems across countries, agencies and donors. It is based on three modules: The first module is designed to deliver Outbreak Insights based on ‘Data4Development’.  The second module, Response & Recovery Action is designed to ensure compliant, effective and efficient interventions.  The third module, Impact Assessment focuses on compliance and lessons learnt, closing the feedback loop between action taken and impact on stakeholders.


Project 7
Covid-19 post-quarantine emotional support for indigenous children and adolescents in Guatemala

Region: Guatemala

The burden on children in rural areas is multiplied as domestic abuse and exploitation are common. Together with Plan International, the Triumf Health evidence-based digital therapeutics platform for children provides age-appropriate support during the crisis and beyond. This digital tool provides mental health services to areas, where they are not accessible.


Project 8
“Podcasts For Education” in Tunisia by Rayhana Association

Region: Tunesia

The solution is a combination of “no-tech and low-tech” and will produce podcasts, videos and educational games that are aligned with the national school curriculum. It will create an interactive platform based on existing solutions. That platform will host all the content as an interactive repository. It can be accessed freely by children and their parents even under low bandwidth conditions.


Project 10
GeoCommunal – to improve the allocation of local resources in times of Covid19

Region: Cameroon

Local authorities and communities need geospatial data to plan, carry out and monitor decentralized local response to the Covid-19 pandemic. GeoCommunal supplyies local authorities with necessary data. Geospatial data and information help citizens to find treatment and prevention supply.


Project 15
#defyhatenow GLOBAL

Region: Kosovo, Brazil, Sudan, Nigeria, Indonesia

#defyhatenow supports voices acting against conflicts, fake news or hate speech and bridging gaps of knowledge and awareness of social media mechanisms between those with access to technology and those without. #defyhatenow teams use a number of mechanisms linking digital and offline action to facilitate the spread of knowledge and information in remote, marginalised or offline communities, especially those affected by various forms of civil conflict.


Project 17
Enhancing Livelihoods of artisans through Digital Platforms
Region: India

Fairconnect, a WebPortal an Mobile App operating on LIFE (Learn, Innovate, Facilitate, Earn) philosophy creates an enabling ecosystem to help artisans and Craft Enterprises to sustain their livelihood during and beyond COVID-19 crisis.


Project 19
Digital Solution for Agricultural Advisory Services in Kenya
Region: Kenya

“Kilimo Hakika Platform” will provide comprehensive integrated weather forecast and agronomic advisories to enable access of accurate timely and location specific information to optimize decision making by farmers, policy makers, researchers and extension officers. This will be achieved through use of Short Message services (SMS), Mobile Applications, Call center (Interactive Voice Recording system), Radios, USSD, Television, Questions and Answers channels and bulletins for access or disseminate digestible information.


Project 20
Emergency Support for Home Office Infrastructures (ESHI)
Region: Ethiopia

Home office and remote working obligations are causing strong disruptions to business continuity. Our solution suits both public authorities and private enterprises. We assure business continuity in the short run through the introduction of a collaborative platform. In the long run, we integrate business continuity into a coherent digitalization framework to sustain crisis resilience.

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