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Remote sensing in development cooperation

Topic: “A world without hunger”

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Sentinel-2 image shows wheat fields and other crops in Beauce (France). The different colours indicate different growth stages of the various crops. Remote sensing can be used to make statements about the type and condition of crops.
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Focus: Agriculture

Ensuring adequate food worldwide is becoming a challenge. First of all, the population is constantly growing and secondly natural resources are limited. Climate change and the decline in biological diversity are making it even more of a challenge to ensure adequate food and balanced nutrition and to combat poverty. Adapted forms of agriculture are becoming increasingly important and also play a role in achieving sustainability goal (SDG) 2 “Zero hunger” of Agenda 2030. The goal is to end world hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition as well as promote sustainable agriculture.

Example projects and applications in the field of agriculture

Here you will find inspirational projects in which remote sensing has been successfully used in the area of agriculture in development cooperation projects. You will also find out more about freely available data portals and their possible applications.