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Promoting tech start-ups

At a glance

IT jobs are flexible jobs of the future. It not only offers people in partner countries jobs and a source of income, but also challenges their potential and their creativity. The global digital economy creates new sources of income for specialists and markets, even in the most remote and disadvantaged regions. This is why we support digital enterprise.

Technology start-ups have the potential to modernise the economy and society of their countries, to find innovative solutions for development problems, to create new prospects and new employment opportunities. But they often lack the access to capital, customers, suitable personnel and digital infrastructure to reach international markets. To succeed, start-ups require a functioning business eco-system of reference customers, investors, subsidisation institutions and training partners.

This is why we support partner countries of the German development partnerships through various measures. With the Fairwork Foundation, the Federal Government is encouraging a fair digital job market. Through the tech entrepreneurship initiative “Make-IT”, the German development partnerships are cooperating with over 20 German digital enterprises, social enterprises and associations. Together, digital technology start-up founders in partner countries will receive support in the form of training schemes and networking opportunities both locally and in Germany. The aim is to improve the local conditions for technology start-ups in order to encourage local digital innovation and to create new jobs in the long run. The initiative supports in particular the development of a robust entrepreneurial eco-system for young businesses with innovative business concepts in the fields of IT and the internet. Implemented measures include “accelerator” schemes, the publication of investment advice for Kenya and Nigeria for start-ups, “exposure” measures to provide local digital innovations with greater visibility, networking events with investors, and established businesses in Europe and Africa.

KfW Entwicklungsbank also subsides start-ups in partner countries through funds and financial sector measures on behalf of the Federal Government.

Within the BMZ initiative "Make-IT", young entrepreneurs are supported in the establishment and development of their start-up. Via the learning platform atingi, they have the opportunity to take advantage of training courses on project management and digital entrepreneurship and thus successfully position their start-up on the market.

Make-IT in Africa

“It takes a village to raise a child and it takes an ecosystem to raise a start-up.”

Make-IT in Africa supports digital innovations from tech start-ups for sustainable and integrative development. Initiated by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) – jointly with the European private sector. Implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ).