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Sustainable infrastructure: water, energy, transport

Solaranlage auf dem Dach der Sao Mai Corporation. Can Tho / Vietnam, 04.11.2019

The importance of infrastructure often only becomes apparent when it is missing, because it enables economic development and is an important basis for better living conditions. Water, energy and transport are the source, pillar and driver of development.

Water is food, the basis for hygiene, a commodity and a production factor. Access to this vital resource and to sanitation is a prerequisite for health, peaceful coexistence and productivity.

Dynamic development requires ecologically sustainable energy that is available where it is needed – in private households as well as in agriculture, in manufacturing and in the service sector.

An efficient transport system is the backbone of a modern economy. It allows individuals to get to work as well as to educational and health institutions, enables the development of rural areas and makes towns and cities competitive internationally.