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Social development

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A thriving and peaceful society is based on fundamental socio-political values such as equal opportunity, solidarity and participation. In the long-term, socio-political investments in society encourage sustainable development and economic growth. Education, health and social security systems give people an opportunity to develop and live independently. And what’s more: education and health are human rights.

Education is a strong driver of development. We support formal as well as informal educational approaches in preparatory, basic and higher education. We develop concepts that support the economic and social integration of young people with the goal of making the optimal use of their potential.

Preventive health promotion is an important contribution to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs). For 25 years we have been advising partner countries on setting up and reforming health systems as well as combating pandemics and tropical diseases. To make sure that people affected by poverty are protected against life risks, we work together with our partners to develop regionally adapted social security systems, such as health and micro-insurances.

We adapt our tried and tested methods and tools to the needs of our partners as required. Our dense networks ensure that we are in constant contact with international organisations, initiatives and foundations.


  • “Life skills and training for refugees and host communities”: Kakuma, northern Kenya, is home to the country’s second-biggest refugee camp with around 147,500 refugees, primarily from South Sudan and Somalia. To improve the opportunities for young refugees and local young people to acquire skills, the project is developing approaches based on information and communication technology (ICT), which can be used to offer formal and, in particular, informal education.

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