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Governance and democracy

Project: Rural Finance, New Delhi

A peaceful and productive society is based on effective government institutions. In this respect, good governance stands for effective and efficient structures that optimally help citizens lead a productive life according to their desires and opportunities in a safe environment. At its heart, good governance is the interaction between democracy, social welfare and the rule of law.

The promotion of good governance extends beyond the government area and includes all relevant stakeholders from business and society. To balance interests and work together to pursue joint goals, particularly the reduction of poverty and universal access to government services. To create participative and efficient administrative structures that are focussed on solutions.

The German development cooperation supports its partners in their endeavours to establish democratic systems and to bring together all social actors in order to find appropriate solutions for political, economic and social challenges. We advise all levels of politics, national, regional and local, and contribute our experience in institutional reform processes. Respect for human rights and gender equality are fundamental prerequisites in this regard.

The German development cooperation operates in the area of administration, law and justice, is committed to effective strategies in the fight against corruption and promotes the responsible handling of public finances. In fragile states it supports the establishment of the security sector. We offer customised services from a single source and enhance the capabilities of existing institutions so that they can manage their processes themselves – effectively and efficiently. The benefits are obvious: the future is possible. We advise you so that you can take control.


  • The ProZorro online platform provides access to public contracts in the Ukraine. The resulting competition between bidders is fair and has already saved the government over a billion euros.