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Economy and employment

Participants at the IOT training at the Digital Transformation Center Kigali, Ruanda 2020

Economic growth is a fundamental requirement for a country’s development. Efficient institutions and functioning markets as well as access to sustainable financial services are required to encourage entrepreneurs to invest for the economy to grow.

The German development cooperation helps its partner countries improve the economic conditions, overcome bureaucratic hurdles and establish appropriate funding structures. Dialogue with public and private stakeholders allows us to unlock comparative advantages and get sections of the economy moving. We advise on economic policy issues and work together with our partners to develop solutions to support the private sector, we develop local financial systems that are focussed on tackling poverty to give everyone the opportunity to participate in economic growth.

Because we know that economic growth is driven by people. That is why, right from the outset, we insist on sustainable vocational training concepts that provide the right skills for dynamic economic development tailored to the specific requirements. Because only by integrating as many layers of society into the economy as possible can we ensure broad-based and sustainable growth.

The German development cooperation actively contributes its know-how to enable its partners to realise economic potential that is profitable as well as socially and ecologically compatible. We create opportunities. For all.


  • The Inclusive Business Action Network (iBAN) project is a global project that is committed to establishing and implementing broad-based business models worldwide (inclusive business models). An important pillar to achieve these goals is the online platform www.inclusivebusiness.net. This is the world’s largest knowledge platform on the topic of inclusive business and provides information, knowledge and training offers on business models, research results and investment opportunities.

    The second pillar of the project is the targeted reinforcement of companies by providing learning offers as well as connecting companies with impact investors and consulting firms. In addition, iBAN provides targeted practical training to help governments in partner countries develop better framework conditions and suitable incentive systems for implementing broader-based business models.

Vocational training with a future: the effect of “new work” on vocational training

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