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Catalog of Digital Solutions


The Catalog of Digital Solutions is developed by the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) and is a tool designed to support governments, donors, and NGOs in the discovery and evaluation of software products that have been developed to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

How it works

The Catalog leverages the SDG Digital Investment Framework, created by DIAL and ITU, and is supported by BMZ and GIZ. The source for data is through user input and machine-readable datasets from the Digital Public Goods Alliance, WHO’s Digital Health Atlas, DIAL’s Open Source Center, Digital Square’s Global Goods, and others

The Catalog provides information about products, organizations, projects (specific implementations of products in geographic locations). It also provides the ability to create use cases which link to building blocks (reusable software components) that drive essential workflows (business processes) which underpin use cases aiming to achieve specific SDG targets.

Users can leverage the Catalog to identify and evaluate digital technologies that may be relevant to their projects. Users can also find guidance about specific use cases as well as information about similar projects (based on sector, country, or specific tags). 

Note: The catalog is currently in Beta form, and is undergoing a process of improvement.