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  • 14.07.2021
  • Local innovation

Rwanda: Implementation of a cyber security exercise

Arbeitsmaterialien auf dem Tisch.

On July 8, the cyber security flagship held its first political cyber security simulation in cooperation with the New Responsibility Foundation (SNV) in Rwanda.

The simulation involved participants from government circles, the private sector, and civil society in an interactive and discussion-based cyber security exercise. In the simulation, participants* in their roles (e.g., ministries, banks, NGOs) experienced and responded to a fictional cyber security incident, a cyber attack on the Central Bank of Rwanda: They tested collaboration for effective incident response and then reflected on their actions taken.

The goal of the simulation is to learn about cyber security policy through various strategic and communication measures and to practically understand the complex interdependencies that happen during a cyber security incident. To this end, participants will receive an introduction to cyber security policy through an e-learning course via atingi.

The simulations will initially be implemented in six countries: Rwanda, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Mexico. Current planning assumes virtual exercises in 2021, which will be mapped via atingi. A face-to-face event is planned for Mexico starting in 2022.

The cyber security policy simulation serves as the first stage of work in the implementing countries. The goal is to identify and bring together relevant stakeholders and identify vulnerabilities. In a second stage, further follow-up measures are planned and implemented based on the results of the simulation. Participants in the first cyber security planning game were particularly enthusiastic about how the simulation strengthened sustainable stakeholder networking, deep learning effects and international cooperation opportunities.

The cyber security policy simulations will be expanded to other countries in a next step, which is currently under consideration.