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Scaling innovations together

With #SmartDevelopmentHack, the BMZ and the EU promote the scaling of innovations worldwide.

Welcome! Browse our projects and partners below.

#SDH Video

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The #SDH projects:
Scaling digital innovations around the globe  

  • CallVsCorona: Real-time crisis information in Madagascar and beyond
    Region: Madagascar
  • Corona Audio Campaign directed at marginalized population
    Region: Global South
  • Digital Agriculture Africa
    Region: Kenya, Nigeria
  • Digital Enquirer’s Kit 
    Region: Chile, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Uganda, Colombia, Brazil, Ghana, Laos, Zambia, Mauritania, Philippines, Peru, Turkey
  • Drone and Data Aid
    Region: Malawi, Rwanda
  • Matchmaking platform for national and private health system in Peru
    Region: Peru
  • Mbaza – AI-based COVID19 chatbot
    Region: Rwanda
  • Mobilizing Rural Women Entrepreneurs for COVID-19 Response and Recovery
    Region: Bangladesh
  • Yoma powered by Atingi – Diamonds in the rough
    Region: Sub-Sahara

More information on our current projects 


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Our #SDH network Partnerships in focus 

About the BMZ-EU #SmartDevelopmentHack 

No country has been spared by the corona pandemic. The crisis has had a far-reaching impact on the global economy, health and social changes – especially in developing countries.

In response, the #SmartDevelopmentHack was launched by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the European Commission (EC) in spring 2020. As part of an innovative competition, digital approaches were sought out to cope with the challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Under the patronage of BMZ, in collaboration with “Team Europe” partners from the European Commission, other EU member states, technology companies and civil so-ciety; nine winning projects were selected.


Visit our archive of the spring 2020 competition