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The challenge

Climate change is putting increasing pressure on living conditions in urban areas, too. Since 2007, more than 50% of the world’s population has been living in towns and cities – and the figure is rising. Although towns, cities and urban conurbations are the engines of economic growth, accounting for 60% of global GDP, they are also responsible for about 70% of global CO2 emissions and over 60% of resource consumption – presenting both a challenge and an opportunity.

Our approach

Digital technologies are of critical importance in developing effective solutions to address these pressing urban climate challenges. That’s why we, together with our partners from the European Commission, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and private companies from the Make-IT Alliance such as Atos and Bosch, are scouting for the best digital innovations in the field of smart and climate-resilient urban development with our global innovation competition: Innovate2030. As part of a customised preparatory phase, selected teams will receive support to refine their solutions to ensure that winners are ultimately ready for scaling.


Thanks to the launch of our platform at COP26 on 3 November, we have so far reached over 30,000 innovators who have expressed an interest in submitting their solutions. By February 2022, we will know exactly which of the promising solutions are to be included in the ongoing programme. Stay tuned!

In collaboration with our partner network, which includes Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft and SAP, UN-Habitat and more, our goal is to transfer all winning solutions to follow-up programmes, with a view to maximising impact in the long term.


  • Impact: Identify and promote seven tried-and-tested digital solutions
  • Partner countries: Solutions are scouted for worldwide
  • Implementation partners: GIZ, BMZ, Atos, Bosch, UNFCCC, EC, Microsoft, SAP, Leaders for Climate Action, UN-Habitat, IHS Rotterdam and others.