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  • 15.06.2022
  • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM CEST
  • MS Teams
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Is the Future of Work Online? Exploring the Global Online Gig Economy

Fabian Stephany illustrates how task automation has created the global challenge of rapidly changing skill requirements for the working population, resulting in the paradoxical situation of simultaneous unemployment and labour shortage. At the same time, the Covid-19 pandemic has tightened company budgets, forced employees to work remotely, and facilitated the global need for timely reskilling. Over the last decade, automation pressure and remote working technologies have given rise to so-called online labour platforms or online gig platforms. They build a globally integrated market that mediates between millions of buyers and sellers of remotely deliverable cognitive work. While these markets have a strong potential for fostering economic development they are also under criticism for amplifying global economic imbalances and consolidating poor working conditions in low- and middle income countries. The event highlights the perks and perils of this “online gig economy” and how data from these platforms could help us to reduce economically harmful labour market mismatches at large. The keynote is followed by a commentary by Elvis Melia, UDE research fellow, and Teresios Bundi, online labour consultant, who will discuss the role of country perspectives based on their research on Kenyan online work.

Gig Economy Project and Future of Work cordially invite you to join the session and discuss the pressing questions on online work and platform economy.

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