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Design thinking and 3D printing for persons with disabilities in Erbil, Iraq

Design Thinking and 3 D Printing for PWD
Das GIZ-Projekt „IKT Perspektiven für eine moderne Jugend im Irak“ hat im Januar 2020 einen Trainings- und Design Thinking Workshop mit Menschen mit Behinderungen in Erbil, Irak, durchgeführt. Das Ziel des Trainings war es, mit den Teilnehmern Herausforderungen in ihrem Alltag zu identifizieren und Lösungen für ihre Probleme zu entwickeln. In dem Training wurde die Nutzung digitaler Produktionswerkzeuge und 3D-Drucker vermittelt

At a glance

Assistive technology increases, maintains or improves the functional abilities of persons with disabilities. At the same time, nine out of ten persons with disabilities worldwide do not have access to assistive technologies such as glasses, hearing aids or wheelchairs. The GIZ project “ICT Perspectives for Modern Youth in Iraq” conducted a Training and Design Thinking Workshop with persons with disabilities in Erbil, Iraq, in January 2020. The objective of the training was to brainstorm with the attendees on challenges in their everyday life and to create solutions for their problems. Participants were trained in the use of digital fabrication tools and 3D printers. Gadgets like gripping aids for small objects such as cutlery, pens or zippers can improve motor control for persons with disabilities. Such tools can be easily adapted to local needs and can be produced with 3D printers anywhere in the world, without patents and directly on site. The participants were encouraged in the training to create their own designs based on their needs. “It’s nice to have a program like this where we can talk about our difficulties and share ideas for improving our everyday lives,” one participant said. Another participant added: “We want more of this program. We want to be involved in the manufacturing process because I believe that the technology from the Makerspaces is easily accessible and usable for us.”

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