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Digital Transformation Centres

At a glance

Many African countries, among them Rwanda, Tunisia and Kenya, will be attempting to transition from a subsistence economy to a knowledge and services-based society over the coming years. This requires increasing use of information and communication technologies (ICT). To achieve this, it is firstly necessary to create a place for networking and purposeful knowledge transfers.

Digital Transformation Centres are such physical and virtual hubs in Africa that aim to drive the digital transformation forward. This is where technical know-how, academic IT knowledge and digital entrepreneurship are unified under one roof. The Digital Transformation Centres are ports of call for the development of creative digital solutions, both for investors and tech companies (Make-IT Alliance, SPDA) as well as for talented tech tinkerers (tech entrepreneurs, maker movement). At the same time, Digital Transformation Centres help African governments to establish structures and capacities for the development, implementation and distribution of digital solutions and in doing so, to strengthen the digital civil society.

Toolkit for Digital Transformation Centres

With these Digital Transformation Centres we aim to better unify and evolve existing digital measures in the countries. They also exist to create a point-of-contact structure for existing measures that serve to facilitate the operation or planning or digital components. With new modules, precise stakeholder matching and the review of other existing initiatives become necessary. Duplications of existing approaches must be avoided and the development of new physical institutions must only occur where a genuine shortage can be met. Collaborations with existing, effective local initiatives are binding. The following modules are possible, depending on the needs of the target groups, the existing local structures, the wishes of bilateral partners and those of local businesses: