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Digital Transformation Center Vietnam

In Vietnam, the work of the Digital Transformation Center focuses on the three areas of Green Tech, Industry 4.0 and Digital Data. The DTC's goal is to contribute to a collaborative, people-centric, sustainable and risk-conscious national digital transformation.

At a glance

Vietnam faces complex development challenges: Overcoming the middle-income trap, implementing the energy transition, adapting to climate change as well as solving massive emissions and other environmental problems are just some of them. A significant part of those are also of global importance. At the same time, the country is recording great progress in socio-economic terms as well as in terms of digital infrastructure.

Demand for digital technology equipment in everyday life is high: 67 percent of the population owns internet-enabled smartphones – with an annual increase of 28 percent. 61 percent of Vietnamese believe digitalization holds more opportunities than risks, and 63 percent prefer to do things online wherever feasible.
The high level of social acceptance represents a major opportunity for the Digital Transformation Center Vietnam to help shape the local digital transformation. At the same time, risks such as high resource consumption or unfair working conditions in the Industry 4.0 must also be addressed.

Our approach

To overcome Vietnam’s economic and environmental challenges, the Digital Transformation Center develops approaches in three focus areas, leveraging synergies with the existing German development cooperation portfolio:

Political partnerships are currently being forged for the successful implementation of the Digital Transformation Center’s activities. Discussions are taking place with the National Innovation Center as well as the Agency for Enterprise Development, both institutions under Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment.

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