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Africa Cloud – an initiative for e-learning in Africa

At a glance

Our flagship project “Africa Cloud” uses innovative digital knowledge and learning offers to qualify African users for the jobs of the future. This project helps to more effectively reach people with different educational backgrounds in selected partner countries in Africa on a larger scale.

The aim is for Africa Cloud’s digital platform atingi.org to be used as the standard tool for digital learning by new development cooperation projects and as a standard platform by the target groups as well as by development cooperation stakeholders for development and exchange. The project is starting in Africa and will gradually be expanded to other regions around the world.

The Smart Africa Secretariat, an alliance of 29 African digital ministries, is the most important strategic partner for implementing the project.

The educational content will be developed with partners from politics, business and civil society, such as the “Make-IT” initiative, the German Siemens Foundation and the green innovation centres in agriculture and the food industry.

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