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Africa Cloud – an initiative for e-learning in Africa

At a glance

Our flagship project “Africa Cloud”, with its digital learning platform atingi.org, offers people in the partner countries of German development cooperation exactly those knowledge modules, orientation offers, and learning materials that are needed locally and that fit the economic and cultural needs. Digital learning with atingi gives young people the opportunity to make full use of their potential, acquire new skills and decisively improve their chances on the local labour market. The platform enables access to high-quality digital learning content anytime, anywhere, free of charge and in compliance with European data protection regulations. In order to effectively reach learners and offer relevant content, the project cooperates with companies and organizations from business, civil society and science, such as the “Make-IT” initiative, the German Siemens Stiftung or the Green Innovation Centers in the agricultural and food industry.

The aim is for Africa Cloud’s digital platform atingi.org to be used as the standard tool for digital learning by new development cooperation projects and as a standard platform by the target groups as well as by development cooperation stakeholders for development and exchange. The project was launched in Africa and will be successively expanded to other regions of the world.

The Smart Africa Secretariat, an alliance of 29 African digital ministries, is the most important strategic partner for implementing the project.

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